Switching or moving

Whether you’re switching to us from another provider, or your business is moving premises, we do everything in our power to make it as seamless as possible.


Switching from another provider to us is easy – there’s no need tell your old provider – we can do it all for you!

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Switching electricity providers for your small business is easy. You don’t even need to let your current provider know. We’ll do everything we can to make this process as seamless as possible. Just get a quote and sign up with us and we organise the rest.

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Exit fees

Many other providers charge an exit fee, but if you’re switching for a better price it often doesn’t take long to break even and make up the fee in savings.

Just so you know, we’re so confident with our prices and service that we don’t charge our small business customers exit fees. It’s a great reason to give us a try.

The switchover period

When you switch your electricity account at your current premises to us, there is no need to interrupt your electricity supply at any time during the process.

We let your current provider know that you’re switching to us and they’ll arrange for a final meter reading to finalise your account and transfer your account to us.

The time taken to arrange your final meter reading depends upon the type of meter at your premises and your distributor’s read schedule. If you have a meter that needs to be read manually, this is likely to occur on your next scheduled read date, which can be found on your most recent electricity bill. Your account can only be finalised by having your meter read, so please ensure that the meter is accessible on this date or it may delay the transfer. If you have a meter that is remotely read, the transfer will occur within two weeks of the end of your cool off period.

We’ll let you know as soon as the transfer has occurred.

Moving premises

Moving premises? We’ll make sure that things run as smoothly as possible so you can get on with business.

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Existing customers

If you’re moving premises, and you’re already with ERM Business Energy, please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you with your new electricity arrangements on 13 23 76. Make sure you give us three or more business days notice. There’s nothing more to it.

Not yet a customer?

If you’re moving premises and want to choose ERM Business Energy as your provider at your new address, there are a few simple things you need to do.

Firstly, get a quote and sign up online, or call us on 13 23 76 and we can set up an account for you.

During the signup process, you’ll be asked for a move in date. If you’re not sure of your move in date give us your best guess of when it might be. If it changes make sure you call us on 13 23 76 and let us know.

We need to know your move in date so we can make the arrangements with the distributor that services your local area to do the connection and arrange your ‘move in’ meter reading, so it’s best if you can provide at least three days notice to do this.

Remember, if you are moving, you will also need to call your current provider to arrange the disconnection at your current premises. They’ll organise your final meter reading and final bill.

The good news is that, we don’t charge connection or disconnection fees except in extreme circumstances (e.g. you fail to turn up for a meter reading multiple times). Also, we’re so confident with our prices and service, we don’t charge our small business customers exit fees.