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When you get a quote from ERM Business Energy it is tailored to your business. All you need to do is tell us your location and we’ll give you a quote customised to your premises. We’ll give you our best price straight up. No confusing discounts to work out, just the price you’ll actually pay.

Once you have your quote, you can continue to sign up online or print off our contract to consider.

If you have any questions about your quote, call us on 13 23 76. We’re here to help. You can even sign up while you’re on the phone with us.

Please note: for quoting purposes, a small business is one that spends less than $30,000 per year on electricity. If you spend more than that, our big business information is more likely to suit your needs.

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If you already have a quote, you can use it to sign up with ERM Business Energy today. You’ll need your quote number (it’s in the email we sent you), or the email address you used when getting the quote.

To sign up online you’ll need:

  • Your business details (including ABN)
  • The contact details for your primary account holder (you can also add a second contact) and
  • Your move-in date if you’re moving to a new premises
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