Billing & payments

We know that managing cash flow is important to businesses, so it’s good to know when to expect your bills. Our billing cycle is dependent on the type of meter you have, and how often your distributor reads your meter.

Monthly Energy Bills

  • Premises with a smart meter
  • Premises with an MRIM (Manually Read Interval Meter) which can be read monthly and the distributor reads monthly.

Quarterly Energy Bills

  • Premises with basic meter
  • Premises with an MRIM (Manually Read Interval Meter)

If you have a  basic meter which is read manually (i.e. a person comes to your premises to check the meter), we will bill you quarterly.

If you have an MRIM (Manually Read Interval Meter) which can be read monthly, we can bill you monthly, but this is dependent on how often your distributor reads your meter.

If you have a smart meter, your meter can be read remotely at any time, and therefore we can bill you monthly.

Accurate Billing

Providing customers with accurate bills is one of our key customer service promises.

Our customers have told us how important it is that they can rely on the information they receive in their bill. They don’t want to waste time checking details, and neither do you!  Your time should be spent managing your business, not checking facts with your energy provider. That’s why we take such care to make sure that your bill is right first time, every time.

Flexible payment options

You can pay your bill in a number of ways to suit your accounts payable processes.

For example, you can pay by BPay, Electronic Funds Transfer, Credit Card or make it hassle free by setting up a Direct Debit. View all of our account payment options.