Gaining greater control of your energy management

ERM Power's app is putting the power back in the hands of Facilities Managers to track and efficiently manage energy usage.

POSTED 04/06/2018

Managing energy consumption is a significant challenge for Facilities Managers across Australia. Facility Managers are positioned uniquely to understand how energy is consumed and identify opportunities for efficiencies. Energy management is such a key focus, yet the tools and support is not always available to do the job effectively.

As with most things in life, technology is coming to the rescue in the form of a convenient app that puts energy use squarely back into your hands. Developed by ERM Power, Australia’s second largest energy supplier to large business (and a proud FMA member), the app allows you to track and efficiently manage energy usage.

It conveniently delivers access to a powerful suite of near real-time energy data tools, that can help Facility Managers make better informed decisions. These tools include predictive analytics to forecast future energy usage, and smart alerts to help avoid high demand charges, with more tools being developed.

Whether it’s for a single facility or multiple sites, you can easily track energy and manage energy usage using your smart phone.

A key focus of the app is helping Facility Managers reduce or avoid costly network demand charges – these can be up to 40% of the total bill. With the ability to forecast high demand events, the app can send notification alerts to your phone beforehand, allowing you to take action and adjust energy usage accordingly.

The ERM Power app delivers invaluable near real-time energy intel for facilities managers to manage and minimise energy usage and costs. Learn more about the ERM Power app or for other ways to manage your energy, click here or contact 13 23 76.

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