A good power factor of close to one means your business is using the electricity grid very efficiently. A poor power factor of 0.8 or less means your business is most likely paying too much for its electricity.

If your business is on a kVA network tariff, it pays to optimise your power factor – which is the ratio between real power (kW) and apparent power (kVA).

The kVA demand-based tariffs are calculated on the apparent power that is supplied to a site (kVA) rather than the real power used (kW). They’re designed to maximize the utilization of the electricity grid for the transfer of real (active) power.


Our Energy Solutions team delivers an end-to-end Power Factor Correction (PFC) Program to help you avoid the sting of higher demand charges. Here’s how:

  • To get the ball rolling, our team reviews your electricity usage data to identify whether you will benefit from power factor correction. If applicable, we select the PFC equipment that is right for you and provide an indicative proposal including the business case.
  • If you decide to proceed, our Energy Solutions team organises both a site inspection and detailed proposal.
  • On your acceptance of this proposal, we manage the supply and installation of your PFC equipment using accredited technicians. We manage installation process to avoid distruption to your business.


  • Upfront report and business case provided
  • Fixed price for completion
  • Reduces kVA demand charges
  • Reduces electricity costs
  • Increases the available capacity of your network connection
  • Reduces greenhouse emissions
  • We guarantee a minimum Power Factor, typically 0.95
  • Free Power Factor monitoring for our customers for the first 12 months
  • Standard one year onsite equipment warranty (optional extended warranties are available)
  • On-bill financing where payment instalments are included on your electricity bills

Contact us and check out case studies to learn more about implementing a Power Factor Correction system that will save your business money.