Access energy data and forecasts through ERM Power’s app.  You can also receive alerts to help you monitor and control demand charges.  ERM Power’s app helps to control your organisation’s energy so you can make simpler, smarter choices that affect your energy costs.

ERM Power app provides a platform for our customers to:

  • Monitor energy usage in near real-time
  • Adjust energy usage when advance notifications of demand threshold usage are received
  • Reduce or avoid costly network demand charges through energy data intelligence^


The demand management function of the app notifies you in advance of anticipated high energy demand events so you can act to reduce or avoid costly network demand charges. By using near real time energy usage data, predicative modelling based on weather information and historical usage patterns for your metering points, the app is able to forecast high demand events and provide you with information that can help you manage and minimise demand charges.

Based on a forecast of demand using your historical usage data, the app also provides information regarding the potential savings if the demand threshold exceedance is avoided, as well as the estimated costs associated with exceeding the demand threshold.


Demand charges are set by your electricity network operator and are based on the maximum energy your organisation uses at a specific time (demand), rather than the total amount of electricity used over the entire month.

Network demand charges can be a significant proportion of your organisation’s electricity bill – for some customers they can account for up to 40% of the total bill.

If your network tariff includes demand charges, these will be calculated based on the highest demand during any 30-minute interval during the billing period.

Regardless of when or how often this is reached, even if only for a single interval, the network operator’s charge will be based on this ‘peak demand’ for the full billing period.

Depending on the tariff, this can sometimes be up to a whole year, which can have a huge impact on your electricity costs so it’s important to closely monitor demand to avoid the associated bill shock.

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