As the energy and technology landscape evolves, our Energy Solutions team monitors, tests and assesses the changing market to provide the best advice to customers. We’re well placed to help you meet your energy management goals and support you to make informed decisions about your future energy strategy.


With in-house expertise and effective industry partnerships across the spectrum of energy options, we aim to be at the forefront of industry developments. Our team is focused on identifying, assessing, validating and matching emerging solutions to your changing needs.

Your goals are our goals. That’s why we are always looking over the horizon to chart the direction of the energy solutions that will most effectively deliver on efficiency, sustainability and cost management objectives for customers.


With an eye on what’s best for our customers, we are leading the way in proactive advice and customer solutions including:

  • Service Innovation – We proactively carry out automated assessments for Network Tariff Optimisation and Power Factor Correction for our larger customers. We’ll advise you how you can optimise your network tariffs and how you can ensure your Power Factor is within acceptable limits. This can deliver substantial savings on network charges, which are often the biggest component of your energy bill.
  • Strategic partnerships that drive understanding of energy alternatives. Our team have forged relationships with business and government to give us an in-depth view and deeper insights into energy alternatives. For example, we currently have trials underway to track uptake and usage by commuters using electric cars to and from the CBD in Brisbane. This gives us an understanding of the future for charging stations and how these innovations may translate to become the mainstream energy solutions of the future.
  • Research partnerships that link with expertise in tertiary institutions. We are involved with a major university in the lab and field validation of innovative heat reflective roof coatings to reduce or avoid air conditioning costs in commercial properties. This initiative led by the Guided Innovation Alliance is focused on fast-tracking innovations in the electricity sector. So far, we’ve deployed the coating to 15 buildings across seven Queensland schools, with exceptional findings.
  • Technology innovation that focuses on the big emerging issues facing customers. We know that peak load lopping using battery technology may offer customers attractive demand management opportunities. To establish technical and financial feasibility, we are undertaking trials with prospective battery technology providers. We are also investigating opportunities that would allow us to offer integrated solutions in air conditioning optimisation and load control.
  • In-house expertise in evolving products and solutions. Our team closely monitors developments and advancements in lighting given its significant contribution to total energy usage.