What if you could generate income from your onsite standby generation or receive payments to stop using electricity?

In an increasingly complex energy environment, reducing consumption and generating revenue from your energy assets could be key to managing your energy effectively.

Our Demand Response program financially rewards our customers that generate energy onsite or curtail their energy consumption during very high usage periods, when wholesale electricity prices are high.

If you participate in our Demand Response program you’ll be on-call to respond to peak energy ‘events’ and you are paid in return for this demand reduction.

Payment structures

There are two main payment structures for our Demand Response Program:

Capacity payment

Provides an annual payment for making generation capacity available, plus a dispatch payment when you respond to a dispatch request.   The amount you are paid is linked to performance.

Spot price share payment

Provides you with a payment based on a share of the spot price, with a guaranteed minimum payment, when you respond to a dispatch request.

Our payment methods can be customised to suit your business with an option to offset your Demand Response payments against amounts due on your electricity bill.

Contact us and we can discuss which option suits your business.


While the Demand Response payments will depend on your unique circumstances, the following examples help illustrate the revenue potential:

  • A Queensland hospital earned an annual capacity availability payment of over $100,000 (plus dispatch payments) for the 2017 calendar year.
  • A manufacturing plant in Queensland, under the spot price share option, earned $175,120 by dropping load over the 2017 summer.


Demand Response may seem complex however, our team of energy experts are here to make the complex simple and tailor an energy plan that’s right for you.

Demand Response could be part of your energy management plan and it is worth investigating further if you have:

  • Embedded standby generation capacity of at least 250 kW with a response time of 30 minutes or sooner
  • Ability to reduce your operational load by at least 250 kW within 30 minutes or sooner
  • Ability to sustain standby generation or reduced load for several hours during an event
  • Predictable operating patterns


We offer support to our Demand Response participants through our tailored approach:

  • start with data and desktop analysis of your energy use to determine your suitability
  • check your demand response capability, response times and the configuration of your on-site generation infrastructure
  • provide advice on any changes or equipment that may be required to facilitate your participation
  • conduct a physical site assessment (if required)
  • develop the Demand Response agreement, providing details of your participation, pricing and dispatch method. Dispatch options include phone call, email or SMS to your operators, or remote activation by our team
  • supply and install remote control equipment (if required),
  • dispatch communications, operational support and troubleshooting are all part of the service
  • provide ongoing monitoring (if applicable)


When it comes to operation, as soon as we’re aware of an event we’ll notify you or activate your response remotely if this has been previously arranged.

We’ll also let you know when the event is over, so you can resume normal operations.

Event lengths are variable as they depend on spot market activity. They can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.

No participation – no penalty

Our Demand Response program is voluntary. Even with an agreement in place, you have the final choice whether to respond to a dispatch request or not, without penalty.

It’s also possible to ‘lock out’ remote start request signals if you decide the timing of the ‘event’ isn’t right for your business.

Contact us to see whether Demand Response should be part of your organisation’s energy management plan.

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