Energy Audits.

Why do an energy audit?

  • Meet energy efficiency, savings and sustainability goals.
  • Make informed, data-backed decisions.
  • Receive prioritised recommendations for capital projects.
  • Identify necessary upgrades, tariff changes and must-do maintenance.
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Lighting Solutions.

  • Upgrade to LumaLED’s energy efficient LED lighting and reduce your ongoing electricity and maintenance costs
  • Our LED lights are 60 per cent more efficient and typically last about 10 times longer than traditional lighting
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Demand Response.

  • Get paid to use your onsite standby generation or reduce your demand when wholesale electricity prices are high
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Data analytics and energy monitoring.

Our ERM Power app and energy monitoring software helps businesses:

  • Manage demand charges
  • Track out of hours usage
  • Reduce energy, water and waste
  • Showcase green projects
  • Engage building occupants to reduce consumption

Power Factor Correction.

  • Reduce your network demand charges by improving electrical efficiency with Power Factor Correction
  • We guarantee a minimum Power Factor, typically 0.95
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Solar PV.

  • Offset your business’ energy consumption and generate renewable energy now and into the future
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Metering & Sub-Metering.

  • Access the online data portal and value add services from Powermetric, our subsidiary and an accredited Metering Services Provider

Network Tariff Optimisation.

  • We compare the costs of complex network tariffs for you to make sure your network charges are the lowest they can be
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On-bill financing.

  • No upfront capital costs, so no need to wait for the next budget cycle
  • Pay setup and ongoing costs via your electricity account
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