ERM Power’s strategy is to meet the growing range of energy needs for SME and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers in Australia and in target markets in the US.

The company’s strategy is clear and it recognises the fundamental changes happening in the energy industry. ERM Power is seizing on the opportunity to further disrupt the energy market by concentrating on the vital but often-neglected demand side of the energy equation.

Strategy Puzzle

ERM Power specialises in understanding how businesses consume energy and how energy efficiencies can drive down consumption and costs. This approach considers energy efficiency as a strategic enabler that can deliver environmental benefits and competitive advantage to businesses.

ERM Power has demonstrated its agility in adapting to market changes over the years. It has a robust strategy and at its core, it is about positioning the company for sustained high performance; sustainable returns; being innovative and agile problem solvers; owning energy leadership through technology and customer response; and being the advocates for businesses which rely heavily on energy to fuel their success.

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